How to Integrate Eagleview into AccuLynx

In the world of contracting, efficiency is key to maintaining a successful business.

AccuLynx, a leading provider of all-in-one business management software for the construction industry, and EagleView, a leading provider of aerial measurement solutions, understand this and have joined forces to simplify the roof estimation process.

By streamlining tasks and ensuring accurate job estimations, contractors can save both time and money.

In this blog post, we will explore just how the AccuLynx roofing application integrates with EagleView integration, along with some of the benefits and how this can help your roofing business.

Benefits of AccuLynx and EagleView Integration

The integration of AccuLynx and EagleView significantly simplifies the process of ordering aerial measurement reports.

Contractors can conveniently place orders directly within their AccuLynx account without needing to log in and out of either program.

This seamless integration streamlines time and accuracy in the estimation process by delivering reports directly to the job file and automatically populating an estimate. As a result, contractors can significantly improve their turnaround time for estimate completion.

Additionally, the integration supports both residential and commercial report types, offering flexibility for contractors with different needs and ensuring accurate location and report type confirmation.

How the Integration Works: A Step-by-Step Guide:

To take advantage of the AccuLynx and EagleView integration, contractors must first set up an active EagleView account and enable the integration within AccuLynx.

This one-time setup process is simple and user-friendly. Once the integration is enabled, contractors can easily order aerial measurement reports directly within AccuLynx through a step-by-step process.

Completed reports are then delivered to the appropriate job file within AccuLynx, and the estimate is automatically populated. Contractors are encouraged to review report details and adjust the estimate if necessary to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction.

Placing an EagleView Order Through AccuLynx

Ordering EagleView measurements from AccuLynx is a breeze, thanks to the seamless integration between these two powerful tools.

Ordering EagleView measurements from AccuLynx is a breeze, thanks to the seamless integration between these two powerful tools.

  • Navigate to the Measurements section within the Job Menu in AccuLynx.
  • Choose the Order EagleView option to access the order form.
  • Confirm the location and address of the structure that requires measurements.
  • Select the appropriate report type and delivery method for your project needs.
  • Optionally, add special instructions or structural changes to your order.

For more complex orders, such as those involving multiple structures or wall reports, AccuLynx offers advanced options to ensure all your measurement needs are covered.

Streamlining Project Management

Combining the capabilities of AccuLynx and EagleView allows you to optimize project management and streamline communication within your team.

When an EagleView order is placed through AccuLynx:

  • A confirmation and PDF report will be sent to the person who placed the order.
  • The report will also be stored in the Job Documents folder in AccuLynx, providing easy access for all team members.

By centralizing important information and documents in one place, you can improve communication between project managers, estimators, and subcontractors, ensuring all parties are on the same page and working with the most accurate data.

AccuLynx and EagleView help contractors

For contractors, the integration of AccuLynx and EagleView offers several significant benefits.

Firstly, the streamlined estimating process improves efficiency in handling job estimations, resulting in time savings and a reduction of human error.

Lastly, the integration offers improved job satisfaction and ease of use for contractor staff. The system reduces frustration and stress associated with manual estimation tasks and presents an integrated approach that simplifies their work.

Wrapping Up

The AccuLynx and EagleView integration is a powerful tool that offers contractors the opportunity to improve their business efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

By streamlining the estimation process, enhancing professional capabilities, and improving job satisfaction for staff, this integration is well worth considering for contractors looking to stay ahead in the industry.

As technology continues to advance within the construction world, integrations such as this will become increasingly essential to remaining competitive and successful.

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