The First 30 Days Social Media Marketing Plan

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Matt Gardner

From Zero to Hero: Building Your Winning Instagram Content Plan as an Entrepreneur

Welcome to my 30-day journey of establishing a robust social media marketing plan on Instagram.

As a budding entrepreneur, I’m documenting each step to optimize my new Instagram social media profile, understand my audience, analyze my competition, and develop a content calendar.

Join me as I navigate these waters, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way.

Day 1-5: Profile Optimization – Setting Up the Digital Storefront

Day 1: The First Day

I’m finally taking the plunge.

I’m up for a 30 day challenge, that’s a new post every day… the first day was the hardest…

See Day 1 Instagram Reel

Day 2: Fear of Failure

Slow, small and steady wins the race (and battles fear of failure).

Next time you have some thing that seems too much, break it down…

Try setting small achievable goals, and daily tasks that keeps you moving forward.

See Day 2 Instagram Reel

Day 3: From Worry to Wonder

Why stress over what might go wrong when we can get excited about what could go right?

Having a growth mindset and trusting in your abilities, and all of a sudden the future’s bright with opportunities.

See Day 3 Instagram Reel

Day 4: One Day At A Time

It’s all about the small steps we take each day.

Progress, not perfection! Building momentum, one day at a time, fuels our confidence to keep going.

Remember, it’s the daily grind that sets the stage for quality improvements down the line.

Let’s celebrate our progress, no matter how small!

See Day 4 Instagram Reel

Day 5: Starting From Scratch

Building my profile from the ground up!

When you’re first getting starting it’s such an good time to craft your skills.

It might feel like you’re speaking to an empty room, but don’t fear it, embrace it…

Make the most of this time to find your voice, be experimental, make a few mistakes and the good thing is that it’s not going to matter too much…

If you stick at it long enough, you will start to getting an audience and by then you’ll have so much more confidence, so much more experience.

See Day 5 Instagram Reel

Day 6: Content Planning

Following the Plan ✍️

Today’s all about how my content plan saved me from freaking out.

See, I’ve just signed up for a 30 day Instagram challenge and only 6 days in I’m worrying about my nest reel.

But, no need to stress, I’ve got a huge long list of ideas waiting to share, hopefully you’ll enjoy a few every now and then…

So, if you think it’s a good idea, why not try it yourself, if you get stuck – happy to help out…

See Day 6 Instagram Reel

Day 7: Authenticity

Embracing Authenticity

Authenticity in personal branding is a critical factor in establishing a genuine connection with your audience.

When your audience perceives that your brand identity is a true reflection of your genuine self, it fosters trust and a deeper level of engagement.

Create content that reflects your real experiences and insights. Authentic content often includes personal anecdotes, lessons learned, and genuine opinions.

Authenticity builds trust. When your audience trusts you, they are more likely to become loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

Authenticity leads to the development of long-term relationships and loyalty with your audience. It goes beyond transactions and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that are genuine, transparent, and true to their values.

It’s about being true to who you are, what you believe in, and how you express these beliefs through your brand.

See Day 7 Instagram Reel

Day 8: A Week In Review

So far it’s been a lot of fun, but it’s also been quite challenging.

A few things that I’ve learnt already is that:

You gotta find a place where you can be yourself, if you’re walking down a crowded street wondering what everyone is thinking about you, then that’s gonna make it hard to relax.

Definitely gotta allow for 30 – 40 minutes a day doing the video, prep work, edits and the uploads – sometimes it longer, sometimes it’s less.

Also, this is a big one…

All your friends, family and your family’s friends will eventually see what you’re doing so you’ve got to be prepared for that as well.

But all in all, so far it hasn’t been too bad, still got a couple of weeks to go so we’ll see how it works out.

See Day 8 Instagram Reel

Day 9: Consistency is the key…

That means creating a regular posting schedule on your social media, it’ll become your secret weapon.

It’s more than just routine; it’s about engaging and growing your audience day by day. Don’t get discouraged if the likes and follows don’t flood in overnight.

Building a following takes time, just like building any aspect of your business. Stay focused, keep delivering awesome content, and the results will follow.

Who’s ready to commit to their social media strategy with me? Drop a ???? in the comments if you’re in!

See Day 9 Instagram Reel

Day 10: My 30 Day Challenge

Today’s reel is a peek into my 30-day challenge journey!

Why take on something tough? Because growth lives outside our comfort zones. I dove into this challenge to push my limits and learn more about myself.

And guess what? It’s been a game-changer!

So, I’m throwing the challenge to you: What’s that one thing you’ve been itching to try but haven’t, all because of a little fear?

Let’s turn that hesitation into motivation. Share your goals and let’s conquer these challenges together!

See Day 10 Instagram Reel

Day 11: Keep Pushing Forward

Today’s a little bit different, didn’t get out to the bush today, it’s way too hot.

So that gave me an idea I thought I might try a few different things with my videos.

Mix it up a bit and try to make it a little more interesting.

You’ve always got keep pushing forward, challenging your comfort zone and hopefully it’s more interesting.

See Day 11 Instagram Reel

Day 12: Are You A Creator or Consumer of Content?

So the question for today is, do you spend more time consuming social media or creating social media.

If you’re looking to grow your brand online, you’ve definetely got to start thinking about creating your own content…

So the question is… when are you going to start doing it…

There’s never a better day than today, it’s the start of a brand new year…

It’s the perfect opportunity to get started, to get motivated.

So here’s how to get started… get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down this…

See Day 12 Instagram Reel

Day 13: Sharing A Memory From Japan

Here’s a fond memory from our recent holiday in Japan.

Stepped into a rainbow at the Hakone Open Air Museum! ????✨

The Symphonic Sculpture isn’t just art, it’s an experience – a kaleidoscope tower you can actually climb.

Each step was like walking through a different color of the spectrum, with the world transforming around me.

See Day 13 Instagram Reel

Day 14: Challenge Yourself – If You Want To See Growth

Today is all about growth.

And you can look at as simple as this, you’re either moving forward, standing still or going backwards.

To grow, you’ve got to keep moving forward, that means looking for things that will challenge you to help you grow and learn.

A lot of people find that too hard or difficult, so they resist and then there is no growth.

What’s your plans for this year, are you looking to move forward, are you happy to be standing still or do you feel like your going backwards.

See Day 14 Instagram Reel

Day 15: Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

It’s something that I should have done from the start, but I didn’t…

Defining who you are and what you represent is important to help you find your voice…

See Day 15 Instagram Reel

Day 16: Content Creation For Your Brand

Have you been thinking about creating content for your brand?

If not then here’s something to think about..

More people are watching Youtube than TV

– You can create a YouTube channel

More people are listening to Podcasts than the radio

– You can create your own Podcast

More people are on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok than hanging out with their friends

– you can create your own social networks.

More people read blogs than reading newspapers.

– Create your own blog…

You want people to know who you are?

Everyone’s got a phone in their pockets…

See Day 16 Instagram Reel

Day 17: Creating Value

The benefits of getting outdoors.

For someone who spends a lot of time sitting behind a desk, I’ve come to realise just how important it is to find the time to get outdoors.

It’s something that I aim to do everyday, and I’ve seen so some many benefits. It can help with creativity, stress, fatigue and happiness.

Getting outdoors amongst nature is so good for you, so if you can get to a park, or better still a trail or bushland you’ll reap the benefits.

See Day 17 Instagram Reel

Day 18: Behind the Scenes

Putting in the hard yards.

Taking it outdoors and a run to the top of our local mountain lookout.

Trying a few different video editing tricks.

Come along with me as I show you some local bushland trails, as I set out on my daily run, there’s nothing quite like a morning run, especially when it’s this nice.

See Day 18 Instagram Reel

Day 19: Call to Action

Here’s a Call to Action…

If you’re going to start a habit, make it a good habit.

I started running many years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did.

See Day 19 Instagram Reel

Day 20: Getting Personal





See Day 20 Instagram Reel

Day 21: Thought Leadership

Get to the point really quick…

Don’t waste time, get your message out, and learn to say what you have to say really quick

And that’s it..

See Day 21 Instagram Reel

Day 22: Crafting Your Skills

Rock pool reflections.

Another chance to try out some new video tecniques, this time using the water reflections at the local coastline.

Mixing up your reels with different storylines, video techniques and styles really helps to keep your followers engaged.

See Day 22 Instagram Reel

Day 23: Mixing it Up – Keep it Interesting

Rock pool reflections.

Another chance to try out some new video tecniques, this time using the water reflections at the local coastline.

Mixing up your reels with different storylines, video techniques and styles really helps to keep your followers engaged.

See Day 23 Instagram Reel

Day 24:

Check back soon…

Day 25:

Check back soon…

Day 26:

Check back soon…

Day 27:

Check back soon…

Day 28:

Check back soon…

Day 29:

Check back soon…

Day 30: Reflection and Celebration

Check back soon…


The first 30 days have been a whirlwind of learning and growth.

From optimizing my profiles to engaging with my audience and analyzing their responses, every step has been crucial in laying the foundation for a successful social media presence.

As I continue on this journey, I’m excited to see where these strategies will take my brand. The key takeaway? Start with a plan, stay flexible, and always be ready to adapt and grow.

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