RoofGraf Software Review

Roofgraf is a roofing software offering an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for you to simplify your quoting process.

This program provides features that include being able to change the database of materials and labor costs, seeing views in 3D, having tools to help with drawing, contracts that have already been written out, being able to see reports, and storing project data in the cloud.

In addition to these features, users can get help from other users and have access to resources that are available all the time.

Main Benefits of RoofGraf

Roof Measurements are Accurate

One of the main benefits Roofgraf software has to offer is its accurate measurements.

The software uses Nearmaps’ aerial images to help you trace the lines of a roofing project and understand the scope and cost.

Roofgraf’s A.I. assistant, Liz, can help you identify the roof pitch and differentiate all line types quickly. This feature helps you to accurately quote projects for your customers without any surprises during construction.

Liz will help you understand what supplies you need so that you can make sure you have everything on hand when quoting prices.

Roof Reports

The Roofgraf roofing software can help you make accurate roof reports quickly and easily.

All you need to do is enter the address of the job into the program, trace the lines of the roof, and confirm the pitch.

Once you have done that, a detailed report will be generated automatically.

With Roofgraf’s easy design and color-coded line types, you can quickly change your report to look how you want it, as well as calculate waste to see which option is less expensive for the materials you need.

Roofgraf allows you to easily present the reports to customers or send them to workers as plans for insurance approvals.

Premium Customer Proposals

The Roofgraf roofing software offers different options for customer proposals, called Good, Better, and Best.

This lets you show the customer various options side-by-side so they can make a more informed decision.

With the preset SmartQuote and FastQuote templates, you can easily customize the proposal to match a customer’s product catalog.

In addition, if you’re looking to increase the scope, you can add additional services such as siding, gutters, and others to the custom service catalog and include them in proposals.

Closing More Sales with e-Signatures

If you use Roofgraf’s e-signature feature, it will be easier and faster to close deals.

Homeowners can sign a virtual quote securely with just a few clicks, without needing any physical paperwork or meetings.

Once the proposal has been signed, it will automatically update the job status in the app and send a notification to the contractor.

Pros and Cons

This software offers accurate measurements, easy-to-generate roof reports, customizable proposals, and e-signature capabilities; however, it can be quite expensive.

RoofGraf Pricing and Plans

Free Trial

Roofgraf offers a free trial which includes all of its features. This allows contractors to test out the system before committing to any plans.

Gold Plan

The Gold pricing plan from Roofgraf is a good choice for roofing professionals who want one complete solution.

For just $150 per month (plus taxes where applicable), you can take advantage of 50 jobs, unlimited users, automated roof reports, HD aerial imagery, custom proposals and BOMs, unlimited templates, and premium roof reports available for just $10 each.

Platinum Plan

The Roofgraf Platinum pricing plan is for larger roofing companies. If your company does more than 50 jobs per month, it offers better value for money.

The Platinum service has a monthly fee of $400 which will give you access to up to 200 jobs, as well as everything already included in the Gold plan.

Wrapping Up

Whilst it does offer accurate measurements, easy-to-generate roof reports, customizable proposals, and e-signature capabilities; it can be quite expensive.

Overall, RoofGraf is a powerful and comprehensive roofing software that can help contractors streamline their operations and close more sales.

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